As a reference company in the Azores, SATA Group adopts a social responsibility policy that translates in the sponsorship of several initiatives of different fundamental areas such as social solidarity, culture, and sports.

It also supports initiatives that contribute to the tourism promotion of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, the center of our air transport activity.

Regarding environmental responsibility, SATA is continuing its route, committed to continuous improvement of the environmental performance of its overall operation, whether on land or in the air.


The commitment assumed by subscribing the Sustainability Charter of the Azores, an initiative of the Regional Secretariat for Energy, Environment and Tourism, aims to achieve the recognition of the Region as a sustainable destination. Under this commitment, SATA implements measures that corroborate the common goal of sustainability, which is assumed by all public sector companies.
Prior to that, SATA was the first Portuguese airline with an Integrated Management System for Safety and Health at Work and Environment (SGI), which confirms its desire for constant improvement in areas considered inevitable.


Sustentabilidade Natureza
Sustentabilidade Floresta