Sporting Equipment

To transport sporting equipment it is necessary to make a reservation and this has to be confirmed by Azores Airlines/SATA Air Açores. Information on the type, the weight and the dimensions of equipment must be given at the time of reservation, which will be subject to later confirmation.

Please note that these allowances are only available on Azores Airlines/SATA Air Açores operated flights and are subject to IATA's Resolution 302/US DOT/CTA as well as codeshare conditions. Please contact our services should you need any further clarification.


Active Holidays Airline

*This transportation is only possible and available as cabin baggage.

At the check-in, you may be questioned about the equipment and, if necessary, the opening of your bag may be required to confirm its content. If you do not authorize the verification, your bag may be accepted, but without the additional baggage allowance, being included in your free baggage allowance.
If the allowance is exceeded, the applicable rate for excess baggage will be applied at the airport.