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If you are traveling from October 1, click here to learn about the new pre-seat booking criteria.



The Pre-seat service allows passengers to choose their seats in advance in any one of the SATA Azores Airlines flights.
Comfort pre-seat allows advance purchase for spacious seats on any of the SATA Azores Airlines fleets (1st row or near the emergency exit) for greater comfort and well-being on board.
If you transport your pet with you in the cabin, you should reserve a window seat, on board there are specific seats for passengers that travel with animals. Please be advised that due to security reasons is not permitted to reserve a seat in the emergency and comfort rows.
If you require assistance due to your mobility, the seat selection will depend of the type assistance sought and according to your incapacity, please verify information below.

  • A passenger requiring a wheelchair to/from aircraft but who can ascend and descend steps and move in the aircraft cabin (WCHR).You should not select emergency exit seats.
  • A passenger requiring a wheelchair to/from the aircraft and must be carried up and down the steps, but who can move in the aircraft cabin (WCHS). An aisle seat must be selected due safety reasons on board.
  • A passenger who is completely immobile, and requires a wheelchair to/from the aircraft and must be carried up and down the steps and to/ from the seat (WCHC). An aisle seat must be selected due safety reasons on board.


1.1. Prices

One way prices.

Prices for Pre-seat Normal and Pre-seat comfort for domestic, European and North American routes.
Routes Pre-seat Normal Pre-Seat Comfort
Domestic Free 15EUR, 15GBP, 20CHF, 20USD, 20CAD, 135SEK, 115DKK, 120NOK
European 25EUR, 25GBP, 35CHF, 35USD, 35CAD, 225SEK, 190DKK, 195NOK
Cape Verde 25EUR
North American 52EUR, 65USD, 65CAD

Web sales in the currency of the ticket.


1.2. Regulations

This service is available to all passengers who have already booked a flight, except in the following cases:

  • If the booking is on a waiting list, awaiting confirmation;
  • Bookings on other airline flights;
  • Booking without issued ticket.

Service period
Available 360 days to 48 hours before the flight.

Valid only for SATA Internacional regular flights, and on SATA Azores Airlines flights operated by SATA Air Azores.

Discounts (children or babies occupying seats)
Not applicable.


  • Baby Basket
  • Some type of Locomotor disabilities (with medical proof). This service is free for passengers requesting special services that require a specific seat, provided this is stated in their booking confirmation. In this case, seats should be requested through the Contact Center and Network Stores.

No additional fees apply.
Changes are only available through the Contact Center and Network Stores.
Changes to flights with pre-seat selection already confirmed: the pre-seat request should be re-made through the Contact Center or Network Stores.

Refunds are allowed in the following cases:

  • Flexible and semi-flexible fares and value (for North America flights);
  • Business class upgrades;
  • Voluntary change to a flight where the purchased seat, or an equivalent seat, is not available;
  • Change of aircraft/flight cancellation where the passenger is not offered an equivalent seat.

To receive a refund, passengers should send an e-mail to within 30 days after the flight date, including a copy of their boarding pass and confirmation of seat purchase.


1.3 Seats near the emergency exit

The passenger must be informed of the eligibility conditions to reserve a seat near the emergency exit. In online reservations an eligibility message is displayed.
SATA reserves the right to determine whether a passenger fulfils the applicable requirements to occupy a seat near the emergency exit. 
Alternative seats will be assigned to passengers failing to fulfil these requirements.

The following conditions apply:
Be physically (body) able, have more than 16 and less than 65 years old and speak English.

Seats near emergency exits cannot be occupied by:

  • People under the age of 16 years;
  • Unaccompanied minors;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Elderly passengers (more than 65 years old);
  • Passengers with reduced mobility;
  • Passengers carrying special items in the cabin (e.g. animals, bulky items);
  • Passengers whose physical size or physical constitution prevent them from being able to move in an agile and efficient way, so as not to obstruct the aisle or emergency exit, and be able to assist the crew as also the remaining passengers in an emergency aircraft evacuation.


1.4 Sales channels

  • (this service may be purchased online, immediately after booking);
  • SATA|Azores Airlines Contact Center and Network Stores;
  • Travel agencies.

The seat purchase confirmation will be requested at check-in.


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