Stay connected in the sky

Onboard connectivity. Stay connected in the sky!

Our Wi-Fi service allows you to stay connected to your business, family, and friends via email, text messaging, calls, and social media.
Available on the A321LR MagicalInspire and Peaceful.

How to enable

To connect to our Wi-Fi network, available above 10,000 feet, follow these four simple steps:

Wifi icon
1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device.
Network icon
2. Connect to the AirAzores_wifi network onboard.
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3. Launch your browser and login or create a new account.
Data plan icon
4. Select your preferred data plan from the options available.



Wi-Fi data plans


 SATA Text

€ 8,00

40 MB
128 KBPS

€ 8,00 40 MB
Speed 128 KBPS

Connect to your friends and family from the skies. Stay social in the clouds using your social apps. Stay up to date with the news and in touch with those on the ground.

 SATA Surf

€ 15,00

80 MB
512 KBPS

€ 15,00 80 MB
Speed 512 KBPS

Surf while you fly.

Great for web browsing, emails, or staying connected to what’s going on in your world.


€ 25,00

150 MB
512 KBPS

€ 25,00 150 MB
Speed 512 KBPS

Our biggest Wi-Fi plan to keep you connected for longer. Ideal for catch up on work, emails, message friends and family, and surf the web.



You can pay for this service with PayPal, Apple Pay, or your Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or Diners Club credit card.

PayPal iconApple pay iconMastercard iconVisa iconAmerican express iconDiscover iconDiners club icon



Top tips to maximize usage

Disable background app refresh, software or app auto-updates, and cloud or web storage backups.

Disable media auto-download on chat apps and close inactive apps.

Pause Wi-Fi sessions if the device is left idle.

Avoid bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming and transferring sizeable files.


Roaming charges for text messages, voice calls, and other data services are determined by your local mobile service provider and will be reflected in your mobile phone bill. You might experience intermittent connectivity due to connection switching. Inflight connectivity services are available on our aircraft by Azores Airlines and Panasonic.



Inflight entertainment

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