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How to Win Miles

How to Win Miles

Being a SATA IMAGINE member means you will have all sorts of advantages allowing you to earn more and more miles just by travelling with SATA Air Açores or with Azores Airlines.

You can also win miles through our Partnerships - click on this link to access a Universe of benefits.

Award tickets can only be purchased online by credit card, PayPal, or ATM reference. Whenever you buy your ticket online and make the payment through ATM reference, you receive a bonus of 400 miles. If this ticket is canceled, the bonus miles will be withdrawn.

You can also accrue miles through our Partnerships - a whole world of more SATA IMAGINE benefits.


For Miles Purchase(*)

Are you missing miles for your desired prize? You can always buy those miles. 
Minimum of miles per transaction: 1 block of 1.000 miles = €35 

For Miles Transfer(*)

You can also transfer your miles to another SATA IMAGINE member account. 
Minimum of miles per transaction: 1 block of 1.000 miles = €20 

Validity of miles(*)

Miles are valid for 3 years from the date of activity. Miles with an activity date of more than 3 years will expire.


(*) Only available on SATA sales office desk or Contact Center.