Prepaid extra baggage

Need to carry extra luggage? We have the ideal solution for you.

Are you going to travel soon and need to carry extra luggage? We have the ideal solution for you.   
With our prepaid extra baggage service, you can now get a low-priced additional baggage allowance.

Make your trip even more convenient by purchasing your luggage in advance.


Extra baggage fees

Extra baggage fees
 Contact Center / websiteSATA Sales Offices
Inter-Islands flight (fee for each 5kg)€12,50€15
Domestic flights per extra piece   
(according to published allowance)
Europe per extra piece   
(according to published allowance)
USA, Canada and Bermuda per extra piece   
(according to published allowance)
€75 / USD 95 / CAD 120€85 / USD 105 / CAD 130

Note: The amounts in the table are applied according to the country where the trip starts. If the country in which the payment is made is not where the trip originates, the amount will correspond to the exchange rate of the day.


How to purchase prepaid extra baggage

Prepaid extra luggage can be purchased up to 48 hours before your flight, at a SATA Azores Airlines website, sales office or Contact Center.

Booking and payment are made simultaneously.


On which flights is it available?

This service is available on all flights operated by SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines, except flights to/from Africa and codeshare and interline flights.


Is there a limit per passenger for extra prepaid baggage?

Each passenger can get up to 30kg extra on inter-island flights or 3 extra pieces of 23kg each on domestic and international flights.



Changes to prepaid extra baggage bookings are allowed if the travel route remains unchanged.



Refunds are not allowed, except in case of involuntary cancellation of your flight.