Travel during Pregnancy


Pregnancy duration period shall be counted until the date of the flight departure.

1. Pregnancy period between 28 and 36 weeks, inclusive

Passenger must have a Medical declaration mentioning the time of pregnancy and the absence of complications.


2. Pregnancy period superior to 36 weeks

Passenger may be accepted if presenting a Medical Information (INCAD) in triplicate issued within the period of 7 days prior to travel. This Medical declaration must inform the time of pregnancy, progress of pregnancy, normal or abnormal pregnancy evolution and probable date of confinement.

Passenger must sign a passenger declaration of responsibility, which is a part of this medical information.


3. Confinement expected within the next 7 days

Only in urgent and duly justified cases, expectant mother may be accepted. Act as described, here, in 2. Pregnancy period superior to 36 weeks.

The expectant mother shall be accompanied by someone with medical qualification (qualified midwife or physician).




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