How it Works

SATA Business

It’s a loyalty program through the accumulation of miles which rewards the companies travelling with SATA Azores Airlines. The trips are converted in miles and the miles exchanged by award tickets or upgrades.
It’s intended to small, medium or large companies.
Companies can subscribe online, filling the membership form.

For this purpose, they name an employee which will be the interlocutor with SATA Azores Airlines, responsible for the management of the trips on the company’s account, consultation of the company’s data and accumulated miles, as well as for the constant update of contents.
The companies that successfully finish an online subscription will receive within the following 72 hours a login and password to access the company’s account and a required code to the accumulation of miles, called “Tour Code”. In this moment, they will be considered SATA IMAGINE Business members.
When there are several companies belonging to the same group, they should subscribe a form for each company making reference to the group, once the accumulation is done individually through each code, “Tour Code”.

In all trips made by all the employees of the registered companies, referring the Tour Code in each booking is mandatory. The code’s absence when booking disables the accumulation of miles.
Apart from the flights being operated by SATA Azores Airlines or in code-share by TAP, as long as booked as SATA Azores Airlines, it’s possible to accumulate Business miles in each trip.
Bookings can be made as usual through travel agencies or directly with SATA Azores Airlines, in its sales offices and Contact Center, always mentioning the company’s Tour Code which should mandatorily be in the booking.
The issuing must be in a SATA Azores Airlines ticket.


After becoming members of the SATA IMAGINE Business loyalty program, Companies will have a login and password to access the Company’s account and a mandatory code to the accumulation of miles, called “Tour Code”. Through the placing of that code in all SATA Azores Airlines bookings, they can accumulate miles in all trips made in flights operated by SATA Azores Airlines and in flights operated by SATA Azores Airlines in code-share with TAP, independently from the type of fare acquired.