What are allergic reactions?

Allergic reactions occur when a person’s immune system inappropriately reacts to a substance that is harmless to most other people.


What types of allergen sensitives are concerns for airline passengers?

Many substances may cause a person to have an allergic reaction. Some of the most common triggers that may cause a passenger to have an allergic reaction are:

  • Certain types of food (e.g. Peanuts, eggs, shellfish…)
  • Dog and cat allergens.


How can you be preparing for your flight?

For operational reasons we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment, not only for the food served on board or of products which may contain the allergen, and also cannot guarantee that the other passengers carrying and consuming their products/food.
We also can’t guarantee that the cabin is free of allergen of pet dander, because SATA Azores Airlines allows that passengers bring their pets in cabin, or even without any pets on your flight most animal allergens are carried into the cabin on the clothes of others passengers.

Please be aware to take all necessary medical precautions.



  • The passenger must verify with the doctor the risks and appropriate medication related with the travel;
  • The passenger must be accompanied by appropriate medication, such as an Auto-injector of epinephrine (EpiPen) in cabin luggage, with the knowledge that the crew is not able to manage this type of medication, and a doctor's note or prescription, attesting to the need of keeping on board;
  • The passenger may request a special meal up to 7 days before flight departure or when booking your trip, by phone through the Contact Center (+351) 296 209 720, or by email:; you can also ask us if in the flight that you want to booking there are travelling any pet, so that you can choose other flight or not (after issuing your ticket and if you would like to change your flight you should take into account the fare condition/penalties).