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What is the Azores Fare?

The Azores Fare is a fare provided by SATA Air Açores, which results from the new Subsidy for Passengers on Inter-Island Travel applicable within the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

This fare is intended for passengers with tax residence in the Autonomous Region of the Azores for round trips between the islands of the archipelago of the Azores at the maximum price of €60.00, regardless of the airport of origin and destination.


Preço da tarifa

Adult passenger | round trip > €60.00 | one-way trip > €34.00.      
Children and accompanied infants with a seat | round trip > €45.00 | one-way trip > €27.00.      
Accompanied infants without a seat > €13.00 | one-way trip > €10.00.

These prices include the applicable interisland taxes.     

All the other interisland fares are still available, and passengers can choose the one that best suits their needs.


Who can benefit from the Azores Fare?

  • All citizens with tax residence in the Autonomous Region of the Azores on the ticket issue date.


Fare conditions

  • Applicable to bookings and ticketing from May 29, 2021, for travel from June 1, 2021.
  • One transfer is allowed in each direction, except the islands of Corvo, Flores, and Santa Maria, where two transfers are permitted. The time spent at the transfer airport, from the time of arrival at this location to the time of departure for the next flight, may not exceed 24 hours.
  • Allocation of 25% of SATA IMAGINE miles. 
  • Travel routes and itineraries must respect the geographical positioning of the islands.
  • Azores Fare is not combinable with other fares on the same ticket.



  • Changes of dates and itinerary are allowed upon payment of a €15.00 fee. Fare differential may be charged in case of itinerary change.
  • A new proof of eligibility is required if the passenger wishes to travel on another flight and/or date.
  • Changes must be made at a SATA Azores Airlines sales office, sales counter, Contact Center, or through the travel agent.



The Azores Fare is non-refundable.



In case of a no-show, all other booking segments will automatically cancel.    
A penalty will apply for changing the trip to a later date.

Rotas inter-ilhas SATA Air Açores


How to book?

‌To benefit from the Azores Fare, you must book your trip at a SATA Azores Airlines sales office, sales counter, Contact Center, through this website, or your travel agent.

After booking, you must issue and pay for the ticket within 72 hours. If the booking is made within 72 hours of the flight's scheduled departure, booking and ticketing must be done simultaneously; otherwise, the booking will be automatically canceled.


Documentation required

  • Citizen's card, tax card and identity card, passport, or children's birth certificate.

The passenger's tax residence will be validated according to the submitted tax identification number. To this end, the passenger acknowledges that his data will be processed under the terms of Regulation no. 679/2016 of 27.03 and may, in particular, be transmitted to the Regional Mobility Directorate to obtain the Subsidy for Passengers on Inter-island Travel, with the Tax Authority and with the Agency for Administrative Modernization, through the use of Web services made available by the latter, which allows confirming whether the passenger has, or not, tax residence in the Azores.     
In addition, the passenger authorizes the verification of the eligibility conditions and the physical or electronic archiving of the required supporting documents, as well as acknowledges the right of the airline to refuse the application of the Azores Fare if the passenger does not meet all the conditions. The document's conservation period results from the obligations imposed by the Interisland Concession Contract. Check Privacy.


‌‌ When the tax card does not mention the number and name of the tax district, the passenger must also prove his residence through a tax residence certificate that can be obtained on Portal das Finanças.     

When the passengers have a tax residence certificate, they must book their trip at a SATA Azores Airlines sales office, sales counter, Contact Center, or their travel agent and send a scan of the tax residence certificate.



At check-in and boarding, passengers must present the identification documents required for travel.    
Otherwise, SATA Air Açores may refuse their boarding.


How does the Subsidy for Passengers on Inter-Island Travel work?

The value of the Subsidy for Passengers on Inter-Island Travel allocated by the Regional Government of the Azores to passengers with tax residence in the Azores is calculated per outward journey and results in the difference between the value of the standard resident fare and the value of the Azores Fare.

SATA Air Açores, on behalf of the passenger, will request directly from the Regional Government of the Azores the payment of the Subsidy for Passengers on Inter-Island Travel amount, exempting the passenger from asking it to third parties.

To this end, SATA Air Açores will issue credit invoices in the passenger's name and taxpayer number, on the date of the actual completion of each route, in the amount corresponding to the applicable Subsidy for Passengers on Inter-Island Travel.     
The invoices will be sent to the passenger and the Regional Government of the Azores, so the latter can settle them on the passenger's behalf.

Subsidy for Passengers in Inter-Island Travel

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must contact your issuing agent to request a new booking for the Azores Fare, subject to new flight availability.

Yes, if you have a ticket with a standard resident fare issued until May 28, 2021.   
If you so wish, you must request to change your booking and respective fare to the Azores Fare, provided that you have not yet started your trip.

Retroactivity of the Azores Fare is not possible.

Yes, you can, if you present the proof of application of the citizen card, taxpayer card, and/or identity card with the competent entities, lacking the respective documents. However, the presentation of the Proof of Tax Residence is mandatory.

You can obtain this information on the Portal das Finanças, at, by following the steps:   
Início / Os Seus Serviços / Obter / Certidões / Efetuar Pedido / Domicílio Fiscal.

Yes, provided your tax residence is in the Azores.

No. The Azores Fare is valid all year round.

There is no limit on the available seats allocated to the Azores Fare on flights, accessible up to the aircraft's commercial capacity limit.

If flights are complete, passengers can request through any sales channel, except the online sales portal, booking on a waiting list on the desired flights and dates, subject to the waiting list acceptance criteria.

No. After each flight of your itinerary (in each direction), you will receive an invoice in your name, in which you will find the standard resident fare amount, the amount you paid for the Azores Fare, and the difference between the two fares. This same invoice will also be sent to the Regional Government of the Azores so that SATA Air Açores can be reimbursed for the difference between the two fares mentioned within the Subsidy for Passengers on Inter-Island Travel.

You will only receive these invoices for your information, as they are issued in your name, and you will not have to take any action on them. You will not have to worry about anything, as SATA Air Açores will handle the entire process regarding the subsidy.

Excess baggage, seat reservation, check-in, priority boarding, travel insurance, bank commissions, and other charges incurred after the ticket is purchased as defined in the Public Obligation Charges.



For more information, please check the applicable legislation available here.