Flights to Corvo - Discovering the Azores

Corvo Island, Azores



Caldeirão – The Caldeirão is the main element of the island’s landscape and resulted from the collapse of the central volcano of Corvo. Its interior is filled by a shallow lake and several small volcanic cones. From the Caldeirão, it is possible to view this vast volcanic depression and enjoy the quiet calmness that characterizes the island.

Vila do Corvo – Located in the main flat area of the island, the smallest village in the Azores is marked by a tangle of narrow streets serving as a better protection against the strong wind that is common on the island.




Corvo’s Environmental and Cultural Interpretation Centre – Operating in a typical building of the island, but recovered for this purpose, Corvo’s Environmental and Cultural Interpretation Centre intends to display the environmental and cultural specificities of the island.



Erva do calhau (rock grass) tart – The grass is a type of seaweed picked from the sea rocks from which salted water is squeezed off. Once it has been cut, beaten eggs and flour are added to shape the small tarts, which are fried in lard.

Couves da barça (kale and fresh pork meat) – For the preparation of this typical dish, pork meats are salted the day before and baked with thinly cut cabbage, potatoes, onions and garlic. It is usually served with corn bread locally baked.

Corvo’s Handmade Cheese – Cured for at least 60 days, this handmade cheese is highly appreciated. It features a semi-hard paste and a yellowish color, with a persistent and slightly hot taste.


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