Ground Handling Passenger Services Agent

Ground Handling Passenger Services Agent


The frantic airport atmosphere, where people from all over the world converge, can become fascinating when lived up close. There is a constant flow of people arriving and departing, luggage rolling, sad or happy family members, expectations in the air. To manage all this hustle and bustle, efficiency is essential. If your talent is dealing with people and being able to stay focused – you will need focus to comply with all the requirements of our operation – check the information below and apply now.


Check-in counter

Job details

  • Completes tasks related to mail export and import.
  • Checks documentation, eligibility for the flight and acceptance of passengers and their luggage, in the computer system.
  • Issues, sells, checks, registers, and records transportation documents, and handles refunds.
  • Organizes, coordinates and controls loading and unloading of cargo, mail, and luggage from aircraft.
  • Coordinates and controls the tasks performed by ramp operators.
  • Prepares and analyzes complaints processes regarding irregularities in baggage, cargo, and mail.
  • Provides information and handles complaints from the public.
  • Controls documentation for boarding passengers on the aircraft.
  • Accompanies and guides passengers during boarding and arrival from/to aircraft, ensuring circulation in accordance with pre-determined safety standards.
  • This job requires the minimum qualification of 12th grade or equivalent recognized by the Portuguese state.

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Check-in counter
Sales counter
Boarding gate
Check-in counter
Ground Handling Passenger Services Agent