Business Traveler highlighted Azores Airlines' "Azores Stopover" program as one of the 10 Stopovers not to be missed this summer, among all airlines in the world. 

Azores Airlines’ “Azores Stopover” program was pointed out by the international publication Business Traveler as one of the 10 stopover programs not to be missed this summer. 

Azores Airlines “Azores Stopover” program offers the possibility of including, on the outbound, on the return, or in both directions, an intermediate stop period of up to seven days in the Azores archipelago before continuing to the final destination on a trip between North America and Europe or between Europe and North America. 

According to Graça Silva, Director of Sales, Marketing and Communication, the “Azores Stopover” program is enhanced by the strategic location of Azores Airlines between North America and the European continent, offering our passengers the possibility of visiting this magical and absolutely unmissable place, which are the Azores, between their starting point and their finishing point.” 

Business Traveler is a North American publication available in more than 90 airports in the United States of America and broadcasted on ReachTV, the largest airport television station broadcast at boarding gates, airport bars and restaurants, main airline lounges, as well as in 400,000 hotel rooms. 

In addition to Azores Airlines, highlighted in Business Traveler's top 10 are Copa Airlines (Panama), Icelandair (Iceland), Turkish Airlines (Turkey), Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates), Iberia (Spain), TAP Air Portugal, Japan Airlines (Japan), Singapore Airlines (Singapore) and Fiji Airways (Fiji). 

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