Online check-in

Online Check-in (PC and Smartphone)


To check-in online, select the check-in option from the main menu on the homepage.

Checking in online brings you many advantages:

  • Quickness - There is no need to wait in queues. If you travel without baggage or only with cabin baggage, you can go directly to the boarding gate.    
  • Simplicity - It can be done when, where, and how you want it, just by using a device with an internet connection.    
  • Ecologic - No need to print the boarding pass. You can present it on your smartphone or tablet’s screen.    
  • Safety - Send the boarding pass to your e-mail and smartphone and have it always available.


Online check-in is available on all flights operated by Azores Airlines, for all passengers and destinations, except:

  • SATA Air Açores connecting flights to Azores Airlines (connections at any point in the itinerary are considered, provided that the flights are already available for check-in).    
  • Intercontinental or european flights, in which passport data is mandatory, if SIMPLE was the selected fare;
  • SATA IMAGINE members who have upgraded with miles to Comfort class.


You can check-in online from 48 hours to 1h15 before flight departure.    
Online check-in for flights to and from Bermuda is unavailable.


Check airport attendance times and baggage conditions.


It will not be possible to obtain, download, or print your boarding pass in the following situations:

  1. When traveling with the following fares:
    • Student fare, all flights;
    • Resident fare, when presenting a work contract;
    • Connecting flights (If you have a connecting flight, please check all the conditions here).    
  2. If you have requested a specific service*:

    • Special baggage transportation;
    • Assistance.    

    * You must attend the airport at the check-in desk opening time so that all the necessary documentation is completed in time to ensure that the requested service is provided.    

  3. Flights to/from the USA, Canada, Frankfurt, and Cape Verde, due to specific procedures for these destinations.


Whenever you cannot print your boarding pass, you must contact the check-in counter until 1h15 before your flight schedule time of departure.


Should you need a printed boarding pass to cover any formality, it will be available from 48 hours before the flight up to the check-in closing time. After this time, the printing of the boarding pass will only be possible upon request, via a SATA Azores Airlines booking office or through the Contact Center. The duplicate document has an associated cost of 5EUR.


Additional data – APIS (advanced passenger information system)

Airlines are required, by law, to collect passenger’s additional data for transmission to the competent authorities of some countries.    
If you are traveling to/from the USA and Canada, you will be asked to enter additional identifying information during the online check-in process.    
API information is mandatory, at the passenger’s responsibility. If you fail to provide this information, you will not be able to perform your online check-in.


Online check-in flights operated by partner airlines

Online check-in may be available for flight connections operated by TAP when included in your itinerary. In the case of flights operated by other airlines, online check-in conditions may be different. Check TAP’s online check-in general conditions at


ID.GOV app

Identification documents in digital format submitted via the ID.GOV application, provided by the Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, I.P. (AMA, I.P.), have the same validity as the original documents.

Passengers must carry their identification document in physical format when:

  • The flight does not take place within Portugal;
  • On flights within national territory with border control (flights on domestic routes with numbers beginning with 2 and 3); or
  • The trip includes a flight to a destination outside Portuguese territory.

Although digital identification documents may be accepted for boarding in Portugal, they may not be accepted for boarding in foreign countries.


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