Azores Airlines' amenity kit wins international award

Azores Airlines’ Amenity Kit, offered to Comfort Class passengers on medium—and long-haul flights since December 2023, was awarded at the PAX International/PAX Tech Readership Awards in Hamburg, Germany. 

The Amenity Kit was the winner in the “Europe Business Class” category and was the outcome of a joint effort between Azores Airlines and Kaelis World S.L., with a view to a product with a strong focus on sustainability and hospitality, as well as the airline’s brand colors. 

The centerpiece of the Azores Airlines' Amenity Kit is a pouch made from recycled polyester, which results from plastics collected from oceans, rivers, and beaches. Some of the items in this kit also result from the transformation of materials into new uses, making the final product sustainable. 

The kits are presented in a dark gray or light gray base color pouch, which is personalized on the zipper and interior lining with the bright colors found in the words inscribed on the fuselage of the airline's aircraft. 

In total, they make up a set of six different pouches, which include a variety of essential items for a more comfortable and pleasant flight in Comfort Class. Votes from PAX International and PAX Tech magazine and newsletter readers are used to determine the winners of the PAX International/PAX Tech Readership Awards. 

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