SATA Azores Airlines approaches 2021 trips in a different angle

The Azores have always had an undeniable place among the destinations served by SATA Azores Airlines.

But in this new campaign, the airline intends to reinforce its 70-year bond with the Azorean destination.

The airline proposes a new approach to the Azorean experiences, suggesting visitors to live the day-to-day life of an Azorean citizen, whose daily activities involve direct contact with nature and traditions of the Azores.

As explained by Elisa Nascimento, Marketing & Corporate Manager of the airline, “customers have now available a package including the trip itself, accommodation, and two local experiences. Visitors can access the program through a direct link to SATA Azores Airlines" website.

By choosing such an approach, the airline aims to enhance and promote the local economy. In the first moment, the campaign includes three islands, but the airline intends to extend the program to all 9 islands of the Archipelago.

The suggested activities include, for now, milking cows (Terceira Island); collecting tea leaf (São Miguel Island); and baking  (Ilha Graciosa).

Diana Laranjeira (the marketeer responsible for the creative design of this campaign) explained that the airline’s drive is "to invite the visitor to come and live the Azores with a local and as a local. To materialize that idea, we have reduced the artificiality and have tried to promote concrete, day-to-day experiences. At the same time, we wish to promote the local economy showing the quality of regional products".

The purpose of launching this promotion at a time of confinement is precisely to keep travellers’ dreams alive, giving them an optimistic envision for the future,  encouraging them to prepare their return to travels calmly. "Despite the moment we live in, we continue to work. The last months haven’t been easy, but SATA has not dropped its arms. We reinvented ourselves and changed the way of communicating the Azores destination, focusing on experiences. SATA will continue its mission to unite what the sea separates and to fire up the dreams of our passengers" explained Grupo SATA's Marketing and Sales Director, Graça Silva, at the opening of the meeting.