Cargo | COVID-19


Dear customers,

Given the situation we are currently experiencing, there is a need to temporarily adapt to a new reality.

Thus, for us to be able to join teleworking, starting today, all cargo bookings must be made through one of the channels below:

  1. E-mail
    1. For bookings departing from the Autonomous Region of the Azores and out of the Autonomous Region of Madeira by contacting;
    2. For bookings departing from Lisbon by contacting cc;
    3. For bookings departing from Porto by contacting cc;
    4. For bookings departing from Boston by contacting;
    5. For bookings departing from Toronto by contacting;
  2. Online form: through the website | services | cargo |cargo booking
  3. Through the Cargoweb application (for customers who already have access);
  4. Electronically for the Cargospot system (for Agents who already have access).


We will do everything possible so that we can respond quickly to our customers.
Estaremos ao dispor para qualquer esclarecimento adicional.

We will do everything possible so that we can respond quickly to our customers.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

SATA Air Açores and SATA Internacional - Azores Airlines cargo flights information

Dear customers,

Considering the evolution of the situation regarding COVID-19, there was a need to adjust the operation to allow the flow of cargo and mail in all the islands of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.
SATA modified the Q200 equipment to the Combi version, allowing an increase of approximately 73% in the aircraft capacity, for the transportation of cargo and mail, together with the transport of passengers, if necessary.


We inform that SATA is carrying out cargo flights between islands and between Ponta Delgada and Lisbon, as follows:

  • SATA Internacional – Azores Airlines:
    • S4 – 008F | PDLLIS | Estimated time of departure 13:25 | Estimated time of arrival 16:35
    • S4 – 009F | LISPDL | Estimated time of departure 10:00 | Estimated time of arrival 11:25
  • SATA Air Açores:
    • Circular operation between all the islands of the Azores.


Due to the imposed restrictions, there will be careful monitoring to assess the need to perform or change each flight.

For that, it is necessary that the cargo acceptance for all SATA Air Açores and SATA Internacional - Azores Airlines flights finish 4:00 before STD (Scheduled Time of Departure).


We also inform you that, given the current situation, maximum priority will be given to the types of cargo as follows:

  1. Samples for analysis related to COVID-19;
  2. Medicines;
  3. Hospital and disinfection supplies.


We will be available for any further clarification.

We thank all our partners and customers for your understanding and collaboration, which has been essential for us to be able to respond to everyone in this very challenging situation.

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