SATA Azores Airlines chosen as operating partner of Cabo Verde Connect Services

SATA Azores Airlines has been chosen as Cabo Verde Connect Services' operational partner to ensure a set of air operations that will allow the archipelago to increase its connectivity with the European and American markets.

The operation will initially focus on the main European cities, such as Lisbon and Paris, and North America, namely Boston, where the largest Cape Verdean communities reside. To carry out this air operation, Cape Verde Connect Services has signed a contract with SATA Azores Airlines, which will provide aircraft for the execution of the flight plan that will boost connectivity with the islands of Santiago, São Vicente, and Sal.

For SATA Azores Airlines, this partnership will allow maintaining and ensuring the sustainability of the connections that were already made to the Archipelago of Cape Verde through the joint efforts with experienced partners operating in that market. This SATA operation continues to embody a strategy of profitability of its aircraft in the winter period, a time cumulatively weakened by the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cabo Verde Connect Services' first flight will begin on December 2, 2020, with the Lisbon-Praia-Lisbon route, on A320/A321LR aircraft, with weekly frequencies and azores-airlines-completes-another-mission-to-transport-essential-goodsschedules that will allow passengers to make their flight connecting to other islands in the archipelago. Bookings can be made through a travel agency.