Tips for photographing the beauties of the Azores

When we travel to idyllic places like the Azores archipelago, all we want is to uplift our senses with the unbelievable and wonderful nature that surrounds us.

We want time to be suspended so that we can linger in a space so beautiful that it seems unreal.

We also want, in some way, to carry some of that beauty with us and make it visible to the eyes of others and to our own eyes, when we are no longer there.

So, we take pictures, lots of pictures.

But it is not uncommon for us to feel that photography does not do justice to the beauty that is before our eyes.

What we suggest below will not make your photos show the beauty of the Azores in all its real magnitude, but it will, for sure, make them much more interesting and beautiful.

We leave you with three very simple and easy tips to perform with any camera that will help you capture fantastic images.

1 – Take the opportunity to photograph in the early hours of the day and/or in the late afternoon. At these times of day, the golden and orange tones characteristic of sunrise and sunset are captured, which adds some magic to the composition.


Atlantic ocean


2 – Look for visual balance in the composition, keeping the horizon line level.

Sea of the Azores


3 – Apply the rule of thirds, dividing the canvas into three equal parts vertically and horizontally, positioning the main theme of the composition at one of the intersection points. The composition is more interesting to look at.


Surf in the Azores


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