Thermalism in the Azores

Thermalism in the Azores

If you are looking for total relaxation, and if you normally find it when you are in contact with Nature in its purest state, the Azores is your destination. In these magical islands, you can relax in hot thermal waters while smelling the wet earth and the imposing trees surrounding you. Sounds relaxing?

On the island of São Miguel, the village of Furnas is a hidden spa paradise, being considered by many world experts the largest and most diverse hydropolis in Europe, such is the diversity of minerals in its waters. There you will find the Terra Nostra Park, which houses a large swimming pool which iron-rich water temperature, vary between 35 and 40 C. Two more hidden Jacuzzis were recently added to the wonders of the visitors searching for relaxation in Nature. This park, a centenary garden known internationally for its richness and exclusive botanical variety, also houses the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, which allows guests to access the swimming pool and gardens 24 hours a day.

Also in the village of Furnas, you can find Poça da D. Beija, which offers 6 shallow pools with temperatures between 25 and 39 C. And don't forget to follow the tradition: put a little clay on your face for a total natural spa treatment!

The island of São Miguel also offers the possibility of bathing in Caldeira Velha, a natural monument in an exotic setting, which includes a waterfall of hot iron-rich water that will certainly impress you as much as Lagoa do Fogo, a little further up.

Following the route through São Miguel, the Termas das Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande include 3 small thermal pools: one outside, open to the public, which can reach 39 C; and two exclusive ones to spa clients. The flower-covered wall that protects them gives a romantic atmosphere, with colorful petals that spread through the water.

We invite you to the most relaxing trip of your life. Fly with us to the Azores!

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