The sea of the Azores awaits you!

natural pool


The Azores are nine islands planted in the middle of the Atlantic that hide secrets worth coming to discover. One of its secrets most appreciated by locals and visitors is the immense possibilities of relaxing by the sea or diving - whenever you feel like it - in clear waters with a pleasant temperature.

If your preference is for beaches, note that those on the Azores islands – except for those on the island of Santa Maria – are made up of black sand, resulting from basaltic rocks. Get ready to spread your towel on black sand, dotted with small particles that shine intensely in the sun.


Mosteiros Beach


Include in your list the bays, where you can find sand and/or rock. The bays of the Azores are unmissable places and, as you can imagine, there are many of them – more or less hidden - all over the islands.

The Azores also offer wonderful natural pools that immediately invite you to take a refreshing dive. We highlight the natural pools of Mosteiros, Ponta da Ferraria and Caloura on the island of São Miguel; the Poça Simão Dias in São Jorge; Biscoitos and Porto Judeu on Terceira island; and the natural pools of Barca and Criação Velha on the island of Pico. Keep in mind that the water is so clear that you often don't even need a snorkeling mask to appreciate the marine life below us!

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