The Azores are home of the oldest industrial tea plantations in Europe

tea plantations


The great fertility of the volcanic Azorean soils has provided the most incredible prosperity for its tea plantations, the only two in Europe. The humid climate is a natural repellent to common pests of the tea plant, so there is no need to use any chemicals on the plantations. It can be said, for all reasons, that the Azores are the tea capital of Europe!

On the north coast of the island of São Miguel, you will find Gorreana Tea Factory and Porto Formoso Tea Factory, which can be visited throughout the year.

Gorreana Tea Factory was founded in 1883, being the oldest tea factory in Europe, and produces tea with internationally recognized quality. Delighted with its 32 hectares of tea plantations, tourists from all over the world take pictures and walk through this scenery, ending with a visit to the factory where they can learn more about tea production and its history.

Very close by, Porto Formoso Tea Factory offers a pleasant walk through the plantations and a visit to its museum. In the end, you can enjoy a cup of this hot and fragrant drink, inside or on the terrace with a splendid view.

Whether you are a fan of this drink or not, a visit to the only two tea plantations in Europe, which includes a walk through labyrinthine paths perfumed by a light and characteristic aroma, is a magical experience.

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