Sanguinho - the perfect getaway



The Sanguinho trail, between Faial da Terra and Salto do Prego, on the island of São Miguel, is a stunning walk through lush and exotic vegetation, during which you can feel a real connection with Nature.

Sanguinho was the place where the inhabitants of Faial da Terra escaped, in distant times, when the stream overflowed. To get there, cross the village to where the road ends. From there, walk for about 300 m, always along the stream until a fork in the road, where the options for the route are marked. To the left, Sanguinho is one kilometer away, and the walk can extend for another two kilometers to Salto do Prego.

Access is via a cobblestone path, with a climb of 180 meters, of medium difficulty. Along the way, you get excellent views over the parish of Faial da Terra, the surrounding slopes, and the sea. Walking up the hill, the prospects are breathtaking.

Along the way, there is a typical Azorean village, partially recovered and now uninhabited.

Sanguinho owes its name to the endemic plant of the Azores with the same name, but other native species such as heather, ivy, holly, mahogany, white wood, mountain grape and vidalia can also be found here.

Continuing up and down along the trail, you cross a dense forest of incense and acacia and reach a charming wooden bridge. The sound of running water increases in intensity, until a stunning waterfall can be glimpsed through the vegetation. It's the Salto do Prego. Here, after physical exertion, many go for a refreshing bath. The return to the parish is always done by the stream.

This trail, which is 4.5 kilometers long and takes about 2 hours, has a medium difficulty, but you won't regret exploring it.


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