How to be an eco-friendly tourist when visiting the Azores

eco-friendly tourist in azores


Never has the word “Sustainability” been so important for Tourism. In the natural paradise of the Azores, maintaining the ecosystem alive is a real concern while assuring the social and economic quality of life of locals and visitors. In the end, we all live on the same planet.

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed that there are no borders in the world when Natures threatens human life. That’s why we know in the Azores that we are part of an ongoing changing Nature having has a goal the regeneration of the ills affecting us. Tourism often implies crossing borders, and if we want tourism not to be detrimental to Nature, we have to become more and more sustainable. It should be noted that the Azores are certified since 2019 by Earthcheck – the responsible entity for the certification of tourism destinations –, as Sustainable Tourism Destination Certification. We leave you 5 tips to help us keeping the Azores a sustainable destination. You will almost certainly be able to comply with many of them.


1 – Say no to plastic

Plastic packages are proven to pollute the planet and mainly the oceans. The Azores have an earth-and-ocean-based culture. We are like a stone raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and the ocean is a natural extension of our mainland. Terrestrial animals and mainly marine animals are increasingly exposed to plastic waste. Anything that can prevent plastic waste and consumption should be promoted.


2 – Use recyclable bottles

Based on the previous tip, we highlight that when you visit the Azores and stroll through our streets, landscapes, lagoons, and beaches, you should preferably use reusable bottles. This prevents leaving thousands of plastic bottles across the natural paradises of the island, which remain lost for several years after you leave the archipelago.


3 – Walk or use ecological vehicles

You are going to realize that walking is one of the best activities when in the Azores. Experience the tracks, the parks, the cities, and the countryside. It is a real moment of interaction with our fascinating nature. The air you breathe will be brought by the clean and regenerative wind coming from the Atlantic. That’s why, when walking is not possible, the most convenient solution is to use an ecological vehicle or the local transports. Anything you can do to prevent emissions of polluting gases is welcome.


4 – Don’t leave garbage behind

This wouldn’t even have to be mentioned. Just act if you were home: don’t leave garbage behind in public spaces. When necessary, take an extra bag with you to deposit the trash and then place it in the appropriate location. We all thank that attitude.


5 – Favour the local products

Help to promote economy and social life and get to know the local gastronomy. Experience flavors and products that you won’t probably find anywhere else in the world. We also have beautiful Azorean handicraft that you can offer as souvenirs from your trip to the friends you left at home. And, that way, everyone wins. When that happens, we know that there is a harmony between the people who live here and those who, for brief moments of their life, become part of this stone raft in the middle of the Atlantic, between two major continents.


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