Golf in Nature

Golf in Nature

Looking around and not seeing any kind of human construction on the horizon. Just peace and Nature. One more shot and we have the Atlantic lurking.

The layout of the greens invites you to walk, in the company of a colorful explosion of flowers. And the weather allows you to play at any season.

The archipelago has three courses, with trails adapted for beginners and professionals. On the rustic variety, swings are shown to the local population, through pastures and agricultural land. After all, it’s golf with similar rules, but with the label of pure fun and socializing around the sport.

Practicing golf in the Azores has countless attractions. All you have to do is have the desire to play and the passion to welcome Nature as a companion.


Golf in Nature


How to carry your equipment

SATA Azores Airlines has created conditions for its passengers to combine sports with their holiday travels by offering an additional baggage allowance for the transportation of equipment for several sports, including golf. For more information, click here.

On the other hand, golf courses have equipment available for hire.


How to get to the golf courses

The three courses are in privileged locations, both in relation to the airport and to the nearest cities, always with good access. Between 15 and 50 minutes after landing, you can start a game alone or with friends.


Best time of year

Golf in the Azores can be played all year round, thanks to the unique weather characteristics of the archipelago. The temperature is traditionally mild and, even during winter, days tend to offer good conditions that make it possible to play around luxuriant shades of green.


Where to start

The fields are open to players of all levels, with specific areas, according to the level of each one. If you want to get started or learn a little more, there are academies ready to help. In terms of animation, there are several programs available for groups: power play golf, golf baptism, putting contest and horse.


Golf in São Miguel Island

Among hydrangeas, cryptomeria and cedars, golf in São Miguel is held in two courses of international level. At altitude or overlooking the ocean, the shots are taken in paradisaical environments. The fields in Furnas and Batalha offer a total of four courses, adapted to different levels and preferences. They are equipped with infrastructures and services, such as equipment rental, golf academy, shop, bar, and restaurant.


Golf on Terceira Island

A single golf course serves Terceira, the island of the archipelago where the golfing spirit is most instilled in the locals. The Terceira Golf Club inherited the course built by North Americans for the recreation of military personnel stationed at Lajes air base. Subsequent changes to the layout created a stimulating field, where it is possible to live the unique experience of sharing shots with fans of the sport from different social layers and careers.

Interested? Find out more on the official Tourism of the Azores website