What’s the best time of year to visit the Azores?

Azores nature

It’s always a good time to visit the Azores. These islands leave no one indifferent and there is always something to see or do.

During the summer months, chilling out on the several beaches of black sand or golden sand - in the case of the island of Santa Maria -, enjoying bathing areas in the middle of the basalt rocks or diving in the clear waters of the entire archipelago may be the most attractive activities. However, the Azores offer additional bonuses all year round!


Flores Island

As the air and water temperatures in the Azores are mild all year round, you will easily find many opportunities to carry out these same activities, with even fewer tourists than you would expect in high season. Additionally, costs associated with flights, accommodation and activities could be significantly lower.

You can also walk along the network of hiking trails on practically all the islands, go for whale and dolphin watching, enjoy the most diverse activities on land and at sea, bathe in hot thermal waters, enjoy comfortable hotels and indulge in the local cuisine.

By using the SpotAzores app, which has cameras placed on several spots of the islands, you can check if the weather is inviting or not in advance and plan your activities accordingly.


Fire Lake

And, if a rainy day on your vacation seems unpleasant, don't forget that the rainy climate of these islands ensures the luxuriant nature that amazes you on every place you visit.

Visit the official Tourism of the Azores website at www.visitazores.com.

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