The Azores are much closer than you can imagine!

Pico Island


You don’t have to fly halfway around the world to walk along trails surrounded by lush nature, to surf the waves of the Atlantic for hours, to go diving, to soak in hot thermal waters, to delight in a cuisine rich in fresh products or to swim with dolphins.

More than a strategic position halfway between the American continent and Europe, the Azores are a place of feelings and inspiration, where the real can very easily meet the mystic. It is not by chance that it is a place sought by artists, poets, writers, filmmakers, painters, and musicians for their creations or by people from the largest cities in the world, who wish to exchange them for a more peaceful and meaningful life.

And if, in the 15th century, discoverers took long days at sea to reach the Azores, nowadays you can be comfortably carried, in just a few hours, in a modern and innovative A321neo or A321neo LR from Azores Airlines.

You can plan an all-in vacation in the Azores or you can visit this amazing archipelago flying in from Boston, Toronto, or Frankfurt to Lisbon or Porto with SATA Azores Airlines’ stopover program, which allows you to take a break up to 7 days in your journey, on the way out, on the way back, or on both.

Discover the Azores with us and return home with unforgettable memories. Nobody is indifferent to these islands. We are sure that you will be welcomed as a member of the extended family.

Fly with us!

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