Azorean cheese

Azorean cheese


It is said that cheese has been produced in the Azores for over 500 years, since the arrival of the first Flemish settlers. And, as a matter of fact, most Azorean restaurants offer a cheese board, complemented by regional sausages and wine, as a starter, to the great delight of those who sit at the table.

The best-known cheese in the Azores is the São Jorge Cheese, with a Protected Designation of Origin (DOP). Its spicy, intense and, without a doubt, delicious flavor is truly remarkable! Manufactured on the island of São Jorge by skillful hands, it has a minimum curing time of 3 months and contains production secrets that turn it unique.

Also well known, Queijo do Pico DOP, made since the end of the 18th century, and passed down from generation to generation until today, has a salty and intense flavor that has given it many enthusiasts.

You cannot, however, leave out the huge variety of cheeses produced in other islands of the Azores, as we guarantee that this tasting journey through the Azorean cheeses doesn’t end with the most famous ones.


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