10 delicacies not to be missed in the Azores

10 delicacies not to be missed in the Azores


In addition to being an archipelago of unique beauty, named by National Geographic as one of the best and most sustainable destinations in the world, the Azores offer delicacies full of flavor and authenticity that will delight foodies.

Check below 10 delicacies you cannot miss when visiting the Azores.


Bife à regional

Azorean Meat

Meat lovers have typical dishes such as “Alcatra da Terceira”, “Molha de Carne” or the simple and unmissable “Bife à Regional” at their disposal. The “torresmo de molho de fígado” and local sausages are also delicacies not to be missed.


Bolos Lêvedos

Bolos Lêvedos

“Bolo lêvedo” is originally from Furnas and you can have them plain, with butter, with jams or even with burgers and steaks.


Queijadas da Vila


Delight yourself with the typical Azorean custards. “Queijadas da Graciosa” are star-shaped custards with a thin golden dough filled with milk, sugar, eggs, butter, and cinnamon. These custards are produced locally and are made with Azorean ingredients only.

Don’t miss the divine “Queijadas da Vila”, probably the best known sweet on the island of São Miguel, produced in Vila Franca do Campo.

Finally, be sure to savor “Queijadas D. Amélia”, a sweet recreation of the royal visit of D. Carlos and D. Amélia to Terceira island, in 1901. They were marked as an offering to the royals and, even today, they are the most traditional sweet sold on this Azorean island.


Fofas da Povoação

Fofas da Povoação

Locals and visitors don’t pass through Vila da Povoação without eating a “Fofa da Povoação”, a cake in the shape of an eclair made with fennel and with a very creamy filling. It is brightened with a strip of chocolate on top.


Queijo de São Jorge

Queijo de São Jorge

Spicy, intense and delicious! São Jorge cheese is made by skilled hands, is aged for months and its production contains secrets that make it unique. To savor with a good glass of wine from Pico island or to serve as dessert with jam and grapes.


Ananás dos Açores


The Azorean Pineapple is unlike any other in the world. Volcanic soils and greenhouse cultivation give it an acidic and sweet flavor.


Chá da Gorreana


Visit the tea factories of Porto Formoso and Gorreana, located on the north coast of the island of São Miguel, stroll through its famous plantations and enjoy an aromatic tea.


Lapas Grelhadas

Grilled limpets

In addition to fish, often served in restaurants right after it was caught, you will find plenty of fresh seafood such as lobsters, crabs, barnacles, and the famous limpets served on the grill with butter, garlic and lemon juice.


Cozido das Furnas

Cozido das Furnas

Famous among locals and tourists, the Furnas stew is made in a very special way: meats and vegetables are cooked in a large pot buried under the hot volcanic soil and, a few hours later, they are perfectly cooked and with a very peculiar flavor.


Sopas do Espírito Santo

Sopas do Espírito Santo

All the islands of the Azores celebrate from May the Holy Ghost, where the traditional and unparalleled Holy Ghost soups are served on the last day of the festivities. The recipe varies from island to island, but it features bread soaked in broth made from beef, chicken, pork, potatoes, cabbage, and other ingredients.


We challenge you to try each one of these Azorean delicacies and to discover many others!

Fly with us and be enchanted by these magical islands.

Visit the official Tourism of the Azores website at www.visitazores.com