SATA Group airlines put into action more than 30 new sustainability initiatives in 2023


 Ongoing projects to help safeguard the environment's future.

 Social responsibility initiatives to build a better place to work and live. 

 Reorganization of the governance operating model. 


 SATA Group joins National Sustainability Day, celebrated in Portugal for the first time on September 25, highlighting more than thirty projects implemented between 2022 and 2023 to improve the three group companies' ESG indicators (Environmental, Social, and Governance). 


The SATA Group airlines (SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines) were the first Portuguese airlines to obtain IATA's Environmental Program through the IEnvA Certification. In addition to this recognition, two more certifications were achieved in 2023: the IWT (Illegal Wildlife Trade Certificate) certification, which helps to combat the illegal wildlife trade, and, more recently, the certification of the Quality of the SATA ICOP Program, voluntary compensation of Carbon Emissions, to which more than eight thousand passengers contributed. 


 Regarding corporate social responsibility, 12 internal projects were developed to benefit workers and the community. Examples include charity campaigns and Clean Coast campaigns in partnership with local partners. Internally, the companies have developed a corporate Health Program – named SATA Saudável - to promote prevention and intervention in mental health and physical well-being. 


Regarding ESG management indicators, and following the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives, eight structural projects were also fulfilled. The integration in the IATA 25by25 program, gender equality and opportunities for all employees, and, amongst other internal structuring projects, a fundamental work was carried out, reviewing companies' corporate policies. 


In the period under review, the SATA Group has approved numerous policies of ethical accountability of the governance of society, addressing issues related to Sustainability, Human Rights, Data Protection and Privacy or the establishment of anti-corruption procedures, Risk Management, Information Security, Health, and Environment; Diversity and Inclusion Equality, Non-discrimination and Combating Harassment; Consumption of Alcohol and Psychoactive and Psychotropic Substances; Operational Safety (Safety) Policies; and Safety Culture Policies (Security) beyond the definition of internal Codes of Ethics and Conduct and towards Suppliers. 


These new procedures represent a closer approximation of the SATA Group's management principles to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN, implicit expectations for the ongoing sustainable development process of the regions where SATA Airlines develop their activities.