SATA CARGO launches a campaign to speed up transport documents digitalization


The transposition of manual processes to digital cargo processing has a significant impact on the efficiency of the entire cargo transport management process. And that's the reason SATA Cargo launched an incentive campaign to reward agents who present 50% or more than 75% of the waybills issued in digital format.

The electronic air waybill is not a new feature for SATA Cargo. At SATA Air Açores, 93% of the waybills issued are in digital format, and at Azores Airlines, the digital issuance rate is around 87%. Airlines are therefore well-positioned to explain to freight forwarders the benefits of the transition to the electronic format and seek to continue to insist on its virtues.

On December 15, 2021, in Ponta Delgada and on February 25, in Porto, SATA Cargo brought together specialists in the field and national and international business partners in informative sessions to raise awareness of the importance of adopting, for example, electronic waybill (e-AWB).

In these awareness-raising sessions, it is enlightened that the dematerialization of air cargo transport processes allows faster and more accurate service (avoiding queuing calls and exchanging emails), simpler (allowing the agent to make last-minute changes), safer, and more reliable (using secure means of sending and receiving that significantly reduce the occurrence of irregularities), and, finally, with less impact on the environment, considering that it drastically reduces the use of paper. These awareness actions will occur along with the incentive campaign now launched, with a subsequent event to be held, this time in Lisbon, on May 11.