Meals with a new "feeling" in the skies of the Azores

The Azores, where the roots of SATA Group are found and the destination par excellence of its airlines, is a place where the real can easily mix with the mystical. And the legends that are told all over the nine islands are proof of that. This mysticism, so appreciated by all who visit the Azores, was brought to the meal boxes of the airline SATA Azores Airlines.

The new Azores Airlines meal boxes are a collection of nine different themes as they present the most beautiful landscapes and legends of each island. Those who have recently travelled aboard Azores Airlines are familiar with the magnificent landscapes of the Archipelago.

In 2020, the airline produced a collection of meal boxes whose image reflected the landscapes of the Azores. Many were the passengers who took the cardboard boxes as a souvenir from the Azores.

In addition to the communication actions that take place throughout the year, it is worth remembering that the fuselage of Azores Airlines planes proudly displays words that seek to praise the Azores' destination.

Over time, Azores Airlines aircraft have inspired many social media contents. "Peaceful", "Magical", "Inspire", "Wonder", or "Breathe" accompany the baseline "that's the feeling when you visit the Azores" and have served as a motto for many posts on social networks. Whenever this happens, it is a reason of pride for everyone who works for the airlines, but also for everyone who shares the same affection for the Azores Archipelago.