Azores Airlines performed the longest direct flight

Last January, the airline performed the longest flight duration, a 09H49M direct flight between Lisbon and Bogotá (Colombia).

The airline achieved, this time, the longest direct commercial flight, flying directly between Oakland (California) and Terceira Island (Lajes, Azores).

This flight was performed with the Airbus A321 LR Neo, registration CS-TSI, and named Inspire. The aircraft flew 7,874 Km non-stop.

This achievement puts the airline in the spotlight in Airbus' records since it exceeds the precedent record of 7600 km of distance traveled between two points.

It is a relevant achievement for SATA Azores Airlines since it reinforces its fleet's versatility and adaptability to medium and long-haul flights.

Despite the aircraft's efficiency recognition, compared to previous models, the contemporary design of the interiors, namely the ergonomics of the seats, offers a new interior atmosphere for passengers without compromising comfort.

The new generation of Airbus A321 Neo is equipped with CFM LEAP model reactors, recognized for their efficiency and silence, ensuring quieter journeys for passengers, and contributing to environmental sustainability goals that the airline pursuits.

Flight S4 236 will stay in the airline history as having been the longest direct journey ever recorded by Airbus, in this type of aircraft.

The connection departed from Oakland International Airport at 8:40 pm local time, having landed on the runway at Lajes Airport (Terceira Island) at 6:00 am local time.