SATA Holding grants more time to proposals for SATA Internacional-Azores Airlines


The SATA Group Board of Directors asked the Regional Government to extend the deadline for submitting proposals, considering the high demand for specifications from more than 31 entities.

Therefore, the deadline for submitting proposals is July 31, 2023. This decision is intended to ensure that stakeholders have a deadline that, given the complexity of the operation concerned, is appropriate for preparing their proposals and, in particular, for analysing all information available in the virtual data room and the Legal Instrument. For the latter, interested parties should be given an appropriate period to submit proposals for amendments, as provided in the specifications.

It is recalled that the initial deadline for submitting tenders initially set in the Contract Documents was 90 days from the date of dispatch of the public notice of the invitation to tender for publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, and may, under the law, be extended at the initiative of the SATA Group Administration.