Between your starting point and your destination, there is a magical place where reality merges with imagination. It's our home. The Azores.




Stopover in Azores. Fire Lake, São Miguel.


Discover these magical islands with us and return home with unforgettable memories. You won't have to fly halfway around the world to be hiking surrounded by lush nature, surfing Atlantic waves for hours, scuba diving, soaking in natural hot springs or swimming with dolphins. All this in a breathtaking scenery.

Accept our invitation to discover the Azores!


What is Stopover?


Discover the Azores

Add a stopover up to 7 days in the Azores to your Atlantic journey and discover the unique beauty of one of the most sustainable destinations in the world.

On the way out, on the way back, on both. Your choice.


How to book?


Select a "with Stopover flight".
Check if your route is eligible and choose one of the options that lets you book a Stopover flight: one-way, return or multicity.


Choose the Stopover island and time.
Decide if your Stopover will be in Ponta Delgada or Terceira and whether on the outward or return journey.


If you wish a basic Stopover, continue your booking on our website.
If you wish to add experiences to your Stopover, you´ll be redirected to our partner Azores Getaways’ website.


What to do in the Azores

For Nature lovers, for adventure lovers, for foodies and for those who need a break.


What to do in the Azores


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