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SATA CARGO Service - Express Prime

SATA CARGO | Express Prime. Give your cargo a priority service! Priority handling; Schedule flexibility; Priority delivery.

SATA - Azores Airlines’ Express Prime cargo service is a differentiated product that will bring you greater benefits:

  • Priority handling
    cargo with priority shipment
  • Greater schedule flexibility
    for cargo acceptance up to 2 hours before flight departure time;
  • Priority delivery
    upon arrival at the destination.



  • Maximum chargeable weight of 45 kg per consignment;
  • Product applicable to general cargo transportation payable at the origin and for the weights indicated;
  • Applicable to all domestic SATA - Azores Airlines routes:
    • Lisbon - Azores - Lisbon
    • Porto - Azores - Porto
    • Azores - Funchal - Azores
    (Azores includes all islands).

Total amounts to be charged on the Air Waybill:

  • Weight up to 10Kg: 65€;
  • Weight over 10Kg and up to 20Kg: 75€;
  • Weight over 20Kg and up to 30Kg: 90€;
  • Weight over 30Kg and up to 45Kg: 110€.


Contact SATA CARGO for more information:

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