SATA Group promotes the health and well-being of its workers.

  •  SATA Group established a partnership with UPNDO with the aim of promoting the health and well-being of all workers while generating a positive impact on the community. 


SATA Group established a partnership with UPNDO, which aims to promote the health and well-being of its workers. Within the scope of the SATA Saudável project, developed by the Social Responsibility, Safety and Health at Work Department, the SATA Group becomes the first company in the Azores and Madeira archipelagos to use the UPNDO app. The app measures each user's daily activity and converts it into euros. 

The accumulated value is then used to help one of the institutions available on the platform. Finally, the donated amount will be converted into trips that the institutions need to take as part of their activities. The app also allows users to access information about the NGOs they will support and connect with each other, sharing their achievements and developing healthy competition while creating a united and supportive community. 

SATA Group's workers simply have to download the free app and start using it whenever they walk, run, cycle, train at the gym, or even do household tasks that involve movement. This partnership is not limited to the app since, to encourage more and more workers to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle, SATA Group will reward the three most active users of UPNDO at the end of this year. “Health and well-being are increasingly considered essential factors, contributing to a more positive and collaborative work environment and benefiting the organizational culture and a healthy lifestyle. Since work activity occupies the majority of our daily lives, SATA's concern for well-being in the workplace and promoting the health of its employees is a priority.

I once read a survey by Harvard Business Review that revealed that satisfied employees are 31% more productive, 85% more efficient, and 300% more innovative”, says Teresa Gonçalves, CEO of the SATA Group. “SATA employees have demonstrated incredible commitment to this initiative in recent months. 

We see a significant improvement in their healthy habits, and the movement generated by everyone has been consistently above the World Health Organization recommendations for being healthy”, says Francisca Dornellas, from UPNDO. 

At the moment, it appears that an average of 82% of workers registered on the app are participating in this initiative daily. Together, they have already collected more than €2,500 for the seven NGOs that are supported by SATA Group and that will receive donations in December.