One more special mission completed


SATA Azores Airlines as accomplished one more special flight to transport health care professionals, between Gana and Barbados.   The last mission accomplished adds up to 14 special operations carried out in times of pandemic.

Between March and July, the airline landed on more than a dozen different countries, such as the Republic of China, Austria, Canada, Guinea-Bissau, Cuba, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Mainland Portugal and, of course, the Azores Archipelago.

Despite flight suspension imposed to its regular operational activity, Azores Airlines took the opportunity to demonstrate to the market and partners the capacity to adapt to different situations and the operational capability of the airline.

The Accra / Barbados special flight, completed by the end of July the 30th, linked three different nations, departing from Lisbon towards Ghana, and from Ghana to Barbados.

The purpose of the special mission was to ensure the transport of health professionals from Ghana to Barbados. These professionals will work for two years, for public hospitals in Barbados. The flight between Lisbon and Accra (Ghana) took around 4:30 and, after a brief stop at Kotoka Internacional Airport for passengers boarding, SATA Azores Airlines crew took-off directly for Grantley Adams International Airport (Barbados), where they landed around 4 pm local time. The flight took approximately 8 hours.

The air operation assigned to the Azorean airline by the Governments of Barbados and Ghana adds to a set of charter flights that have been carried out by Grupo SATA airlines since the beginning of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.