SATA Group Airlines have already carried one million passengers in 2023

SATA Group airlines have, once again, topped themselves by reaching the symbolic milestone of one million passengers carried in 2023, some two months earlier than in 2022 and before this year's expected timeframe. 

This represents a growth in the number of passengers carried by 34% year-on-year. 

In 2022, the airlines had already shown remarkable recovery, with Azores Airlines, according to data from ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization-, performing well above Europe and the rest of the world in terms of carried passengers, showing a variation of 14.5% in 2022 vs. 2019 (pre-pandemic year). 

A concerted set of operational and commercial initiatives contributed to this consistent increase in demand, including the extension of virtual interline agreements with airline partners that now present SATA Azores Airlines' offer to the Azores on their respective booking platforms, greater online availability through presence on global travel search engines and also promotional actions, developed throughout the year, with tour operators and travel agents. 

It is expected that the IATA summer of 2023 will once again confirm the attraction of the routes served by SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines, namely in the Azores Archipelago, which is the natural destination of the two airlines in the SATA Group, with a new record number of passengers expected to be carried.