Azores Airlines with updates and flexibility on its MyUpgrade service.


2020 was an unusual year for commercial aviation, but the slowdown of the activity was a unique opportunity to review procedures and study points of improvement in the services offered to customers. Among other improvements already applied by the airline in recent months, the review of MyUpgrade service also appears in this context and provides convenient and affordable access to passengers wishing to travel in Azores Airlines Business Class.

What was reviewed on Azores Airlines’ MyUpgrade service?

From this moment on, passengers who wish to travel in Business Class will have several possibilities at their fingertips. The first is an invitation sent by the airline to all passengers who have booked in Economy Class and are eligible to upgrade to Business Class, according to seat availability at the time of booking. There is a pre-set minimum, and maximum bid amount and the passenger can bid within the range of these values. This service is available up to 24 hours before the flight. The invitation is sent by email, and the passenger is free to bid to secure an upgrade to a higher class. If the bid sent by the passenger is accepted, the airline changes the seat and sends the issued ticket back.

The second possibility is the Instant Upgrade, which allows the passenger to immediately purchase an upgrade for a fixed, pre-defined amount. The service is available between 10 days and 24 hours before flight departure.

If the passenger doesn’t receive the airline's invite to participate in the virtual auction of seats in Business Class, he can try his luck and spontaneously submit a bid for an upgrade. In this case, the passenger looks for MyUpgrade area on and makes an offer.

These two new features tend to lower Business Class prices as it takes into account the availability of seats at any given time.

In addition to these two possibilities, the Last Minute Upgrade is available at check-in.

The purchase of My Upgrade additional service doesn’t only result in obtaining a more spacious seat on board. Other benefits are associated with the upgrade on Azores Airlines. To know: the possibility of attending Lounges at selected airports; priority boarding and disembarkation; additional baggage allowance and, finally, already on board, the possibility to enjoy a light meal, which varies according to the timetable and flight duration, with access to the recently renewed menus which include fresh and typical products of the islands and traditional recipes found in the culinary tradition of the Azores.