"TARIFA AÇORES” available for booking.

Following the approval by the Regional Government of the Azores, SATA Air Açores makes available for reservations the "Tarifa Açores", which allows trips to be made from any island to another, at the maximum final price of 60 euros, regardless of the point of origin or destination airport in the Region.

The "Tarifa Açores" will be available for reservation from May 29, in stores and counters at airports, at the carrier's Contact Center or through a travel agent. Soon, reservations will also be available on the airline's website www.azoresairlines.pt.

The "Tarifa Açores" applies to citizens with permanent residence in the Autonomous Region of the Azores (RAA) regardless of their nationality.

Between May 29 to 31st, passengers who wish to take advantage of this fare must present their citizen card (or identity card; or passport) and a tax domicile certificate, accessible online, at the Portuguese Financial and Tax Department.

In a short time, citizen card or equivalent, will be sufficient, as long as the documents presented prove the identity and the tax domicile in the Azores. In a short time, the validation of passenger data that allows benefiting from the Subsidy for Resident Passengers in the Region, will be supported by an automatic and simplified high-tech process, avoiding additional steps, and without extra charges for the passenger.

SATA Air Açores will also allow resident passengers to request a refund of the differential for the "Tarifa Açores", if the inter-island journeys start after June 1. Information and details, will be soon uploaded at www.azoresairlines.pt