APM and SATA Azores Airlines launch a campaign to strengthens the link between Madeira and Azores


The Madeira Promotion Association (APM) and SATA Azores Airlines launch a joint campaign to promote the Madeira destination in the Archipelago of the Azores. The campaign has already taken off, and the actions follow the bet made by the airline company on flight connections that are operating between the two Archipelagos.

The campaign aims to convey that Madeira is an extraordinary and safe destination to enjoy a few days with the family, a getaway with friends, or romance, with all the comfort and convenience, in a picturesque and idyllic setting.

It takes place on the airline's digital channels, namely on social media, newsletter and website, billboards, newspapers, and TV in the Azorean territory.

SATA Azores Airlines connects the nine islands of the Azores and the Azores to international destinations, welcoming its customers and passengers with hospitality. The company starts touching the two archipelagos daily, beginning in June.

"Azores and Madeira Archipelagos have, naturally, seductive arguments at any time of the year. But, this summer, everything indicates that they will be even more in demand, considering the beauty and tranquillity they offer to travelers", says Graça Silva, SATA's Airlines Marketing and Sales Director.

The Executive Director of the Madeira Promotion Association, Nuno Vale, refers, as well, to the joint action with the airline. "We are very excited about this joint action with SATA. A strong and long-lasting partnership in this period of tourism recovery. The two archipelagos will be even closer this summer. With an extensive campaign in the Azorean media, we invite all Azoreans to visit Madeira. It's a unique destination that combines the sophistication of hospitality services, the tropical exoticism of its landscapes, colours, and flavours, together with a mild and sunny climate. We are ready to welcome the Azoreans with open arms, with the warm hospitality already recognized by the population of Madeira."

The short distance of this route — a trip of just 2 hours — is an attractive argument for all Azorean visitors that wish to experience this destination, which has an ancient nature, with fauna and flora that does not live in the Azores archipelago, and pleases those who like " levadas" and trails in the heart of nature. In addition, we can also experience the richness of the local gastronomy where swordfish with banana and passion fruit sauce, "bolo do caco", and "poncha" stand out. Other traditions, such as visiting the "Casas de Santana" or the great descent of the hill in the basket carts, are also memorable experiences. 

From the Azores to Madeira, it is a 2-hour trip and an incredible world to discover through direct connections with SATA Azores Airlines. Boarding this flight is the suggestion. Safe to Discover Madeira.