June is children’s month at SATA Azores Airlines

SATA Group's airlines have already made it a tradition to celebrate Children's Day in June.

This year, among the several initiatives planned, is the launch of the SATA IMAGINE campaign, which offers 500 miles to all children, members of the frequent flyer program, aged between 2 and 11, who travel on flights operated by Azores Airlines or SATA Air Açores, on June 1st.

Also on June 1st, all children traveling on Azores Airlines and SATA Air Açores receive a travel kit with fun activities, including a colorful bag that can be used in different ways and purposes, a box with coloring pencils, postcards to color and cubes to assemble, which will not only help to pass the time spent on board, but will also serve as a reminder of this special day.

Throughout the month of June, the tradition of taking a study visit to the Lisbon Zoo continues. This year, students from the Casa de Acolhimento do Centro Comunitário de Torres Vedras will have the opportunity to visit this emblematic place.

This will not be the only tradition that will be repeated in the ritual of traveling with SATA Azores Airlines. Others will be there as part of the "June Children's Month" program, which has been around for almost two decades. For example, for those who have never traveled by plane and to whom the airlines also pay special attention, there will be a flight baptism organized in collaboration with EBS das Lajes do Pico. Another example will be turning into reality the dream of the children of Casa de Acolhimento Nossa Senhora dos Anjos, an intuition belonging to Centro Social e Paroquial da Fajã de Baixo, of getting directly in touch with the world of aviation at João II Airport, in Ponta Delgada.

The children of SATA Group’s workers will also have the opportunity to attend a storytelling session led by Poets and Dragons publisher collaborator, Miguel Esteves.

The 'June Children's Month' program also includes the unveiling of the brand-new mascot of SATA Azores Airlines, which will delight younger passengers.