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IGNAE is a luxury skincare brand based in the Azores, with a mission to create effective and sustainable products that promote cellular regeneration. 

Our mission to use the latest in biotechnology to create high-performance products that deliver transformative results ingredients sourced from the pristine Azores. 

We believe that skincare should not only produce visible results, but also be mindful of the environment. As such, we use only natural and ethically sourced ingredients, and carefully monitor our production methods to minimize our ecological footprint. Our commitment to innovation in biotechnology has enabled us to develop our own proprietary ingredients, including the patent-pending EPC Factor® Complex. 

We encapsulate powerful plant actives into nano sized liposomes so that the antioxidants are able to be delivered into the basal layer of the skin to accelerate the skin´s regeneration process. 

Experience the transformative effects of our EPC Factor® Complex and try IGNAE's products today. Join us on our journey towards Conscious Luxury, where nature and science meet to create sustainable and effective skincare solutions.



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