Azores Airlines joins EasyJet Interline platform

The virtual interline agreement signed by the two airlines makes it easier for passengers to discover the islands of the Azores. Azores Airlines flights and EasyJet flights are combined using Dohop’s virtual interline technology.

Worldwide by easyJet is the interline digital platform that makes possible to smartly link different flights from different companies. Azores Airlines and EasyJet flights are now sharing the platform which allows passengers to combine flights, offering them the opportunity to discover the Azores via Paris, Barcelona, Porto, and Lisbon, even if the departure flight is from any other EasyJet departure point.

To be able to offer this service, EasyJet and Azores Airlines are working with Dohop.

Dohop is an Icelandic company specializing in virtual interlining technology and API-based connectivity. In addition to enabling connected itineraries between carriers without the need for code sharing or interline agreements, Dohop also services said itineraries: In case of disruptions, Dohop communicates with customers and airlines to provide alternative flights and ensure full-service recovery. 

The new interline agreement offers more choices to EasyJet passengers that now can easily reach Azores Airlines’ main destination, the Azores, simultaneously increasing the awareness of the Azores islands into EasyJet network.