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Situated in the north of Portugal and divided between the Douro river and the Atlantic Ocean, Porto, the second most crowded city in Portugal, is full of history and symbolism. European Capital of Culture in 2001 and considered the Best European Destination by the European Consumers’ Association, Porto is assumed as a great tourist destination. A visit to the city’s historical center, which is classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, a walk along the Douro river, a tasting of the internationally distinguished Port wine or simply savoring the city’s typical dish, the Francesinha, are only a few reasons to visit this magnificent city. + info



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Azores Airlines flies to Porto six times a week, departing from Ponta Delgada. To get your ticket in a convenient and fast way, just access our site, fill out the booking form, find the best prices for travel to Porto and choose the date that best suits your convenience.


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  • Casa do Infante - It's the house where the Infante D. Henrique, an unavoidable figure in Portuguese history, was born. It is considered as one of the oldest buildings in the city. It was used as the Alfândega and as Casa da Moeda in its origin and today is a place of tourist and cultural attraction, serving as the Arquivo Histórico Municipal.
  • Torre dos Clérigos - After its construction in 1763, this tower, that was once the tallest building in Portugal, is considered by many as the real ex-libris of Porto. It is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city.
  • Ribeira - Situated along the river, the Ribeira area is assumed as a major focus of attraction in the city of Porto. Joining the secular architecture and the magnificent view of Ponte D. Luís over the Douro river, it presents many restaurants and terraces that provide unforgettable meals.
  • Museu do Vinho do Porto – In this museum you will have the opportunity to be well acquainted with one of the city’s products of excellence, the Port Wine. Port Wine’s marketing was of extreme importance for the city, assuming a very important role in its development.
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