Flights to Madeira - Discovering Funchal and Porto Santo


Located in the Atlantic Ocean 750 miles SW of Lisbon, the Madeira Archipelago is a group of three islands: Madeira, Porto Santo and Selvagens Islands.

Madeira Archipelago is a natural getaway and also to recharge energy in a natural environment. Madeira Island is the largest  island of the archipelago and less than 2 hours from the Azores.


Madeira Island - View from the caravel (ship) over the hillside



Madeira is a great touristic destination for you and your family, with lush countryside and stunning beauty, mild climate and constant sunshine, with a friendly population always eager to welcome visitors. One of the major attractions of the island is the Laurissilva Forest, recognized as World Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and is considered the largest in the world, occupying 20% of the total surface area of the island.  
Take a ride around the island to enjoy the cultural patrimony from the age of discoveries, or a boat trip around the coast of Madeira, which is called the Pearl of the Atlantic

Madeira Island - Gardens, Flowers, Culture, Sun



If you are looking for sunny beaches and calm waters Porto Santo Island is the right destination for you, with superior quality sand and water with therapeutic properties. The beach of Porto Santo was considered one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal (Beach category).  
If you prefer a relaxing round of golf, with a great view over the coast of the island, Porto Santo Golf Course is our suggestion.


How to get to Madeira

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