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London - England

In one of the biggest cities in Europe, there is all you can imagine to delight any good traveler: Architecture, History, Heritage, a varied multicultural environment and lots of entertainment.

With all kinds of excellent quality museums (most of them free) and an architecture that mixes historic buildings with the most modern architectural works, in a unique and involving way, London is worth of an extended visit. Pass by Westminster, enjoy the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, the Picadilly Circus area and its famous building with giant Coca-Cola and other labels’ neon advertisements, shop at Oxford street, the most famous shopping street in London and travel through London’s History at the charismatic Tower of London, immortalized by Television and Cinema.

You must visit the city’s most alternative area: Camdem Town, where you’ll bump into Rastafarians, punks, gothics, hippies and Indies. For a trendier walk we recommend Nothing Hill with tempting 60s and 70s styled vintage shops and houses painted in several pastel shades. + info






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