Flights to Faial - Discovering Azores

Faial Island, Capelinhos Volcano, Azores




Caldeira - Ancient volcano that is the genesis of the island, Caldeira presents itself as an awesome crater covered with several endemic species. At the bottom, there is a lagoon and a small volcanic cone.

Capelinhos Volcano - Place where the last volcanic eruption in the Azores arose; the lush vegetation characteristic of Faial Island gives place to the volcano’s inhospitable landscape, which is still active nowadays, from the volcanological point of view. A hike to the lighthouse will offer you a magnificent view over the volcano.




Peter Café Sport - Located in Horta’s historical center, Peter Café Sport, is along with the marina a great symbol of Faial Island’s cosmopolitan character. Meeting point for yachtsmen from all over the world, it’s as worldwide known as its most famous product, the gin.

Horta’s Marina - The most important marina in the Azores and one of the most important in the world, it’s also the fourth most visited across the globe. In this place you can contemplate the countless paintings left by yachtsmen on its concrete walls, providing a real outdoor art exhibition.

Porto Pim Whaling Factory - Ancient whaling infrastructure now transformed into a museum in honor of the whaling times, which was so important in past generations on the island. On the inside, you can view machines and other instruments used in whale hunting and processing.



Faial Island’s cuisine is marked by maritime flavors due to its proximity to the sea. The stewed octopus with wine, the fish broth and stew are typical dishes from Faial Island, usually complemented with corn bread. The boiled beef, black pudding and sausages, served with yams, are the main meat dishes.

Fofas do Faial - Typical pastry of Faial Island. Small pastries with fennel seeds, stuffed with an egg based cream and flavored with a hint of lemon.


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