Christmas is both on land and in the air with SATA Azores Airlines


"Take a moment to celebrate" is the motto of the communication that accompanies the Christmas and New Year season.

Special promotions and treats on board mark the season for SATA Group's airlines. And all these initiatives have the same goal: to surprise passengers and partners, thank them for their choice and loyalty, and give them the best conditions so their travel dreams can come true in 2023.

During the entire Christmas season, Azores Airlines will dress up for the occasion, and the meal boxes with images of the landscapes of the Azores will briefly assume another message and invite passengers to take advantage of the Christmas break and New Year to celebrate all the moments of peace and joy.

Fruit Christmas Cake, which is found at the table of many Azorean families, is one of the most traditional flavors of the islands on board and is offered to passengers who choose to fly on the 24th and 25th. On land, SATA Air Açores' Marketing, Sales, and Handling teams joined forces to make possible the simulated arrival of Santa Claus, who surprised boys and girls aged between 3 and 10 during a visit to Terceira Island.

For those who wish to travel more in 2023, the airlines have anticipated special campaigns for those who enjoy destinations during the quieter months of the year. There are special promotions on flights from New York to Lisbon and Porto, from Toronto to Paris, or from Toronto to Lisbon and Porto. They are different combinations than usual for those who intend to cross the Atlantic and reach Europe or the United States via the Azores. Additionally, a promotion for flights between Ponta Delgada and Paris is in effect until December 31st. And, for those unable to decide which destination they want to discover in 2023, there is always the possibility of choosing a last-minute Christmas gift voucher, which can be used at any time of the year and for any destination.

Because pausing to celebrate is essential, but also to help others make a difference for those experiencing more significant difficulties, SATA Group employees came together for a collective gift. At the invitation of IBD Lisbon, employees based in Lisbon joined the Refood movement, a global initiative that takes food and meals to those who need it most and which also has the virtue of fighting food waste. In addition, the Christmas employee get-togethers were an occasion to gather a set of goods and toys for two solidarity institutions. It is a now traditional gesture, repeated year after year, and which appears spontaneously on several SATA Group stops.